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I'm going to try this again I havnt updated yet but I will be from now on I have collected $450.00 with another $500.00 to pick up from people who have promised money it feels very good to get started I have also been training on the stairmaster for the last two weeks in the Am and Pm 20 minutes each at level #7 and I started playing handball again (what a pain in the shoulder ) but its good for me I played 8 hours this week. I will be snow shoeing on the Nason ridge 1/18/03 and 1/19/03 above lake Wenatchee which should take me to 5700 feet. The summit haus in Ashford has donated a mountain hardware ozone vest Lg for me sell or auction thank you summit haus for those of you that have donated thank you for those of you that have not please help me help someone who cant breathe!
M. Fabian