Dear Friends
I am very excited and proud to announce that I have committed to climb Mount Rainier 14,411 feet called the toughest climb in the lower 48 states! and to collect donations for the American Lung Association of Washington in the 15th annual CLIMB FOR CLEAN AIR. My goals are #1 raise $3500.00 for the American Lung Association of Washington #2 get in the best physical shape of my life #3 help prevent lung diseases such as asthma,emphysema,chronic bronchitis,lung cancer,tuberculosis,and cystic fibrosis #4 fight outdoor air pollutants #5 to reduce tobacco use,especially among young people #6 to climb Mount Rainier. I hope that you too find these issues important enough to support.Your generous and appreciated tax-deductible contribution to the American Lung Association of Washington, on my behalf will not only sucure my place on the 2003 CLIMB FOR CLEAN AIR team but most importantly, it will help those struggling to breathe easier. WHEN YOU CAN'T BREATHE,NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.Thank You for Your generous support!